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Introduction From The Senior Managing

For 27 years, I helped healthcare service and device companies assess, reorganize and guide the development of management and sales teams. From analyzing corporate culture and operational strategies to developing new approaches to employee hiring and training, all aspects of talent management, including finding, evaluating and building teams was in my wheelhouse. But along the way a challenge presented itself over and over again: I discovered that the most talented and experienced professionals already had jobs. The impact players in every industry that comprise the top 20% of talent and execute 80% of the work were already placed. Worse, I didn’t have access to them.

As a result, my job searches were restricted to only those candidates who were available. But this put me at a disadvantage: the world’s most competent doers never knew I was looking for them. Not to mention, my competitors had the same access to talent as I did. Posting and hoping was not only unproductive, it was expensive, and it sucked up valuable time that I needed to allocate elsewhere. I knew there had to be a better talent acquisition strategy, but I couldn’t find one on the company side. I started 3D Executive Search Partners and took everything I knew about selecting, assembling and guiding successful operations and sales teams to develop my own talent acquisition strategy, void of restrictions.

Today, medical device, senior living and cyber security companies turn to us when they are experiencing any or all the following:

  • Challenges achieving company metrics or sales goals
  • Pressure to resolve company culture or leadership issues
  • Frustration with the speed to hire with their internal processes of hiring
  • A lack in the quality of the candidates looking for a job when their company has a need.
  • Fatigue with the failed “post and hope” philosophy of using job boards
  • Desire to interview candidates that are prequalified and sourced to meet the company’s needs.

Our proprietary Accelerated Recruitment Approach to targeted recruitment allows us to “surgically extract” the top talent where we find it based upon our clients’ needs and requirements. We bring you the ability to actively listen, understand and act on your toughest challenges to building, replacing or top-grading your teams. We have been where you are and are able to relate to the challenges you are experiencing.

Where many recruiters post and hope on one job board, we work to build our database of qualified candidates first and then source our pre-qualified, confidential pool of executive talent to find your best match.

There’s a better way to source the talent that will go above and beyond, leading your company into tomorrow—and we know how to find them.


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