Finance & Accounting

Successful organizations know the demand for skilled, experienced, and well-rounded finance and accounting professionals is fierce in today’s marketplace. Companies need reliable, business-savvy talent to help them compete in their dynamic and challenging environments. Accounting and Finance professionals serve critical roles to an organization’s long-term growth and stability. Whether your company is an early-stage growth company or a mature Fortune 1000 giant, who you bring on board is a decision not to be taken lightly.

Research indicates there will be an increase in demand for Accounting and Finance professionals over the next 7 years. As demand increases, it will be critical for companies to have an organized and creative talent advisor to locate, screen and deliver the A-Players to you. That is where 3D Executive Search Partners excels, in partnering with you to help build your team today and for the future. Our Accounting & Finance recruiters incorporate a systematic and proven methodology that is focused on providing exceptional results with efficacy and confidentiality your business requires.

The ability of your company to achieve maximum financial and operational success relies heavily on your ability to locate, hire and retain top-level talent that shares your commitment for sustainable growth and continued success. Your investment with the Accounting and Finance recruiters at 3D Executive Search Partners gains you access to a talent pool that is much larger and more extensive than can be found through traditional hiring methods. You also gain access to decades of industry and leadership experience that will provide the guidance and insight necessary to ensure the talent you acquire is committed to your organization’s greater goals and objectives.

Our clients across the country entrust us to help build strong finance and accounting teams in a dynamic economy with speed, knowledge and discretion. We focus on a wide range of positions, including:

• Chief Accounting Officer
• Chief Financial Officer
• Controller & Assistant Controller
• Treasurer
• Director of Finance
• Vice President of Finance
• FP&A Manager
• Financial Analyst
• Pricing Manager
• Internal Auditor
• Staff and Senior Accountants
• Accounting Manager
• Cost Accountant
• Tax Accountant