CLIENT-FOCUSED PROCESS Better results delivered in less time


We incorporate a comprehensive, multi-step process that is integrated with our client’s interview process requirements to identify, vet, present and close right candidates for our client’s review. We call it Accelerated Recruitment™ Approach:



  • Identify your vision, mission & objectives
  • Learn company culture
  • Define position requirements
  • Develop the Search Criteria Profile
  • Clarify the hiring process
  • Prepare your selling points
  • Schedule weekly status reviews
  • Define a strategy
  • Assemble project team
Search Icon



  • Select from extensive database resources
  • Research industry and competition
  • Identify list of target companies
  • Compile list of potential industry contacts to call
  • Network with industry contacts & resources
  • Gather names
  • Pre-qualify list of potential candidates
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  • Review performance history
  • Match Search Criteria Profile elements
  • Verify commitment to career move
  • Clarify compensation requirements
  • Identify potential roadblocks
  • Develop “short list” of candidates
  • Check references
Presentation Candidates

of candidates


  • Prepare short list
  • Receive approval from candidate
  • Present Candidate Profile
  • Include Candidate Comparison
  • Schedule interviews
  • Prep candidate(s) & client(s)
  • Debrief candidate(s) & client(s)
  • Schedule Follow-up interviews
  • Discuss finalist(s)
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  • Present Comp Analysis
  • Draft Letter of Agreement
  • Reclose Candidate & Client
  • Review elements of offer
  • Present offer
  • Receive signed acceptance
  • Client calls new associate
  • Initiate background investigation and drug testing (Optional)
Transition Management

Transition management


  • Prepare candidate for resignation (i.e. resignation letter, communications)
  • Review counter offer dynamics
  • Confirm start date after resignation is completed
  • Assist with relocation services (if required)
  • Maintain contact during transition to assist with any issues
Follow Up

Follow up


  • Welcome candidate on board
  • Handle transitional questions
  • Provide feedback to client
  • Maintain a relationship with clients and candidates after successful transitions in order to ensure the process has gone smoothly and no detail has been left out

Accelerated Recruitment™ Approach

Our business model is designed to focus on the top 20% of the pyramid and businesses that desire them. Today’s companies need to be flexible, more agile, and more creative. Their growth will be fueled by the people who do the work. To compete you will need to focus on those who will move your business, that small percentage of your staff that goes above and beyond, carry more than their load, delivers beyond expectation… Impact Players.